Your DUI Case: What Your Attorney Needs

Recalling the facts after being arrested for a DUI could prove to be quite challenging. However, you should consider creating a list of events that occurred prior to, during and after your arrest as soon as possible so that you can inform your Boston DUI lawyer of the significant facts that will be important to the outcome of your case.

First, try to recall how you were driving when you got stopped. Was your driving erratic in a way that merited a citation for a traffic violation? Did the police officer say why you were stopped? Were you being followed by the officer after you left a bar? Did you have a valid reason for the way you were driving? Sharing this information with your attorney may be helpful, particularly if there is an issue that can invalidate the arrest.

Also, make an effort to recall the traffic stop itself. Examples of things you should try to remember include where the stop took place; the lighting at the time of the stop; and what was said to the officer and what the officer said to you. Furthermore, make special note of any passengers who were with you at the time and whether there were any witnesses to the stop.

Your Boston DUI lawyer will also want to know all the facts surrounding the police officer’s handling of you before and after any field sobriety tests given. Did you inform the officer that you had been drinking? Did the officer ask you to get out of the car, and if so, how did he express his request? And with regard to any field sobriety tests given, your lawyer will want to know where and which tests were performed, as well as whether or not the officer told you that the tests were required in any way. It is important that you answer these questions to the best of your ability so that your lawyer can fully prepare your case in an appropriate manner.

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