Man Suspected of DUI Crashes into Escondido Home

In San Diego, a man was arrested for suspected for driving under the influence of alcohol after he crashed into a condominium located on Eveningside Glen in Escondido.

The twenty-three year old driver by the name of Brandon Morris is already on probation for a previous DUI. Morris injured two of the residents, a father and daughter who were home at the time of the crash. The San Diego drunken driver ran his pickup through the back patio and the living and dining room of the condo. The father of the household who was on the patio at the time was trapped underneath of the pickup truck. It took twenty minutes for firefighters to get the victim out from underneath the vehicle. The man is in critical condition suffering from a broken leg, facial injuries and a concussion due to the accident. The man’s daughter who was working on her homework at the time was treated at the hospital for minor injuries. The other two family members’, the man’s wife and other child did not suffer from any injuries.

The drunken driver, who resides in Temecula, is now being held on $403,000 bail due to this incident. Don Shumate, an Escondido police sergeant, said that the accident looked like a “total scene of devastation.” Morris was arrested and booked for violating the terms of probation for his prior DUI, driving on a suspended license and felony DUI causing injury.

The driver is suffering from head injuries and he will be arraigned Tuesday.

DUI Suspect Held After Crashing Pickup Into Home, Injuring Two Residents, U-T San Diego, February 11, 2010

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