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Ignition interlock: it’s all the rage

DUI I just received something called the “Interlock Focus” from Intoxalock in the mail this morning. The advertisement/newsletter was touting the number of states that enacted new laws requiring ignition interlock devices on the cars of those accused of and … Continue reading

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Seat Belt Violations In Pinellas Reach Double Digits In One Day Operation

There were 10 Pinellas County seat belt violation citations issued Thursday in a one-day seatbelt enforcement detail. On top of the 10 Pinellas traffic tickets that deputies issued there was a criminal citation issued for possession of a controlled substance … Continue reading

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Why a DUI "Accident" is Still Punishable

California criminal law excuses accidental acts that result in injury…sometimes. We say “sometimes” because in order for an accident to qualify as a California legal defense, it must occur during an otherwise lawful act. If you are engaged in unlawful … Continue reading

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