Princeton Twp. Committeeman Receives License Suspension after DWI Accident in Mercer County, NJ

As attorneys dedicated to representing individuals accused of operating a motor vehicle under the influence, I and my staff of experienced DWI defense lawyers have known more than a few drivers who have avoided a conviction for drunken driving here in the Garden State. While most arrests for DWI or drug DUI — including those for impaired driving due to prescription drugs and illicit substances like cocaine and cannabis — result in a conviction leading to heavy penalties, there are other instances where the prosecution does not have sufficient evidence to obtain a guilty verdict.

And, while we know that not every DWI or DUI summons is warranted or deserved, we also are concerned when civil servants occasionally break the very laws that they are sworn to uphold. Whether it is avoiding a drunk driving charge altogether or side-stepping stiff fines and other penalties for driving while intoxicated, the average person hardly has the option of avoiding a DWI hearing and many times feels he must navigate our legal system in the absence of legal representation. (We will say right here that it is in most everyone’s best interest to, at the very least, consult with a qualified DWI attorney following an arrest for being drunk behind the wheel.)

From time to time, we see justice being served on local politicians and government officials who have been found guilty of breaking the laws of New Jersey and local communities. Just as the average citizen must face their accusers, local officials, patrolmen and other officers of the court should stand trial for their misdeeds, take responsibility for their actions and accept any consequences should they be found guilty.

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