Pasco DUI Deputy – Arrest

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Pasco DUI Deputy – Arrest
Pasco County DUI Expert just reviewed the report of a Deputy being arrested for Driving under the Influence in Pasco County, Florida. We have removed his name from this report to protect his innocence. After the standard decision that the guy failed the roadside tests, they arrested him and then he blew UNDER the legal limit. 

The Pasco Arrest report states the Deputy ”was pulled over a few minutes before midnight, after a[nother] deputy saw him turn from U.S. 19 onto State Road 52, nearly heading into oncoming traffic, according to a Pasco County Sheriff’s Office report. ” 

The symptoms noted in the report are almost identical to the field sobriety test results in numerous other DUI cases handled in Pasco County by my office. The reports states the Deputy “had ‘a strong odor of alcohol’ on his breath and ‘bloodshot and glassy’ eyes . . . .  His blood alcohol level was measured at 0.072 and 0.067, just below the 0.08 threshold at which Florida law presumes impairment, but [the deputy] failed the field sobriety tests, the report said. He told deputies he had four or five drinks. [the deputy], who began working at the jail in 2007, was charged with DUI and released on bail. He is on unpaid leave until the charge is resolved.

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