North Plainfield, NJ, Driver Survives DWI Car Accident on Interstate, Arrested for Reckless Driving

While many people who are involved in automobile accidents may receive a modicum of sympathy from friend and relatives, if they caused the traffic accident, the police may not be as sympathetic. If other injuries were inflicted on the vehicle’s other passengers or people in other cars involved in the wreck, it’s reasonable to assume that any sympathetic capital will have been used up well in advance of a court hearing, depending on the circumstances.

As New Jersey drunken driving defense attorneys, I and my experienced staff of DWI lawyers know that mixing an injury accident with a charge of driving while intoxicated (or, for that matter, drug DUI) can complicate a drunk driving defense. Here in the Garden State, law enforcement and our court system are very aware of the consequences that drinking and driving can have on traffic safety. Flouting the law and actively operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of beer, wine or hard liquor can only serve to make a defense case more difficult.

Keeping in mind, of course, that any charge of DWI or DUI lodged against a motorist who may have been the cause of an injury-related DWI roadway collision should be followed by at least one consultation with a qualified legal expert, if only to understand one’s options going forward. We have heard too many stories of individuals who believed that they were in the right and therefore handling their own defense was hardly a concern. As a former municipal prosecutor, I understand the many and varied strategies followed by prosecuting attorneys around the state, which can help contribute to a good defense.

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