No Work Permits during a Utah DUI Driver License Suspension Period

The most common question I get from people is can I get a permit to drive to and from work while my driver license is suspended?  The answer is an emphatically NO at this time.  Utah, as the law is now, there is no work permits that would allow you to drive to and from work.  Many states have this type of license.  We hope in the future, the legislature will realize the need for this type of license.  The problem is that a person gets the driver license suspended and they have a real hard time progressing.  Many people lose their jobs because they cannot work because of the suspension.  People have two choices at this point, they don’t drive and lose their job, or they drive on a suspended license and risk harsher consequences.  In effect, many times the law is putting drivers on the road that have no license and probably no insurance because they feel they have to drive.  I think it would benefit the general public to have work permits to allow people to drive to and from work.  Adequate restrictions could be put in place to ensure public safety such as:  require an ignition interlock on the car, require the prime for life class, and weekly check-in with a private probation company to monitor the person and perhaps weekly drug tests.  Everyone deserves one second chance. 

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