NJ DWI Defense Update: Chronic Drunken Driving Can Lead to Drunk Driving Arrests

There’s little defense for poor decisions made in haste. Whether that applies to being pulled over for a minor traffic infraction, leading to a DWI or drug DUI summons; or if its making the wrong choices heading into a court hearing on a charge of driving while intoxicated, a poor decision in either instance can lead to license suspension, steep fines and penalties and even the loss of one’s job or standing in the community.

Regardless of the circumstances, never assume that a qualified DWI defense attorney is not worth talking to, at the very least to more completely understand your rights as well as the possible outcomes of a DWI or DUI case. As a defendant, knowledge is power. An experienced drunken driving lawyer has the skills and knowledge it takes to negotiate legally in a courtroom setting.

The loss of one’s driving privileges is nothing to ignore, especially if you absolutely need a car to get to work or school. The loss of mobility can not only be a burden on family and friends, who may be asked to help get a convicted drunk driver here and there, but it can affect one’s ability to find a job or even to hold on to one. Before walking into a courtroom unprepared for the consequences, consider a consultation with a qualified legal professional well versed in drunk driving law.

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