New Jersey DWI Roadblock Update: Drunken Driving Sobriety Checkpoint Scheduled for Middletown, NJ, Tonight

Here in New Jersey, most drivers are probably familiar with the increased presence of police on patrol during certain times of the year, such as New Year’s Eve, St. Patrick’s Day, 4th of July, Memorial Day and Labor Day. During these times, it’s not unusual to have a spike in drunken driving arrests, although one can speculate on whether the increase in DWI arrests are due to a much high incidence of drunken driving, or that the added patrols catch a requisite increased number of impaired drivers.

In any case, the saturation patrols that happen from time to time during the year — over holiday weekends and other peak drinking and driving periods — are well known throughout the Garden State, especially by those who have been stopped on the road following attendance at a family reunion, office party or friendly get-togethers where beer, wine and hard liquor are typically served.

As New Jersey DWI and drug DUI defense lawyers, I and my colleagues know how easy it can be for a driver to be pulled over for a seemingly minor traffic offense, yet find him or herself under arrest a short time later for driving while intoxicated. (A smaller percentage of individuals can sometimes find themselves on the receiving end of a drug DUI or marijuana possession summons as well, but that’s a different topic altogether.)

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