Myrtle Beach Criminal Defense Lawyer

South Carolina defeated Georgia this weekend in Columbia, South Carolina. This game was not good for Georgia, but more importantly is the trouble that has started to occur in the five points area of Columbia. The city dispatched numerous police officers to the area last night and made several dozen arrests for assault, public drunk, assault and DUIs. The latest string of arrests occurred after South Carolina won the football game. Several of the arrests will be taken care of by local criminal defense lawyers in Columbia. We do not have any attorneys in Columbia. Most our lawyers are in Myrtle Beach. We have criminal defense lawyers in Myrtle Beach and Charleston that represent individuals charged with crimes. Coastal Carolina University is the only college in the Myrtle Beach area. The football team has done very well in recent years. There is no downtown area were the students gather in Myrtle Beach. It is more of a vacation area and the number and type of arrests usually fluctuate with the tourist season. The important thing to remember is that hiring the right attorney will make all the difference in your case. The wrong attorney can cause more damage than good.
What to look for in a Myrtle Beach Criminal Defense Lawyer:
1. Experience-this takes time to acquire and no one just out of law school is ready to handle a difficult criminal matter. Working as a prosecutor or public defender for years is the only path to understanding the criminal justice system.
2. Intelligence- although a requirement, passing the South Carolina Bar Examine is not the key to being a good attorney. There must be some ability to analyze facts that are presented.
3. Compassion- a belief in what you are doing is important. if you are defending people based on money, then you passion evaporates with the fee. There must be an ideology inherent in the defense of the accused.

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