Los Angeles Police Department to Increase DUI Checkpoints for Cinco de Mayo Holiday

For many, Cinco de Mayo is a time to gather with coworkers, friends, and family for margaritas and to celebrate an important cultural holiday.

However, law enforcement agencies are beefing up DUI saturation patrols and California DUI sobriety checkpoints to stop, test, and arrest drivers they suspect of being under the influence.

Here are the latest Los Angeles DUI sobriety checkpoints that are scheduled for this weekend. For more information, you can contact the local law enforcement agency a couple of hours before the reported time to learn the exact locations of some of the more general posts.

Thursday 5/3
The Los Angeles Police Department will conduct saturation patrols in Van Nuys from 6pm Thursday night to 2am Friday morning.

Friday 5/4/12
Sobriety checkpoints will be operated at the intersections of Vermont and Sixth Street and at Hollywood Blvd. and Gower St. from 7 pm Friday to 3am Saturday.

Saturday 5/5/12
LAPD will operate sobriety checkpoints at the intersections of Cahuenga Blvd. and Northlawn Drive in North Hollywood from 7pm Saturday to 3am Sunday.

The California State University, Northridge Police Department will conduct a sobriety checkpoint beginning at 9pm Saturday to 3am Sunday at an intersection near the CSUN campus.

Sunday 5/6/12
DUI saturation patrol will be conducted in 77th Street area from 12pm to 8pm.

Sobriety checkpoints will be operated at the intersection of Imperial Highway and Main Street in Southwest area from 7pm Sunday to 3am Monday.

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