Former Pro Boxer Charged with DWI, Reckless Driving Following Motorcycle Crash in Lacey, NJ

Drunk driving is an equal opportunity offense here in the Garden State. So long as you own a car, or have the opportunity to drive one regardless of whether it is your own vehicle, an individual has one of the major elements of a drunken driving arrest. The other part would be the actual imbibing of an alcoholic beverage (or in the case of a drug DUI, taking of prescription medication or ingesting an illegal controlled dangerous substance (CDS), such as meth, weed or coke).

As New Jersey drunk driving defense attorneys, I and my staff of experienced civil and criminal defense lawyers understand the impact that a DWI or DUI conviction can have on a person. It goes without saying that more than one career, personal relationship or otherwise unblemished reputation has been ruined by a single charge of driving under the influence of alcohol of doctor-prescribed medicine, much less an actual conviction. Aside from steep monetary fines, penalties and surcharges, loss of driving privileges and occasionally jail time can be attached to a conviction for driving while intoxicated.

Although most typical motorists are not in the public eye, those individuals who are have a much higher profile and can suffer even more from the public humiliation of being arrested for a DWI incident. Whether convicted or not, these people may feel their reputations tarnished and public persona diminished to some degree. Whatever the cause of a traffic stop, if a person has been drinking the police may decide to arrest him or her, no matter how well known or loved by the public.

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