Escondido Man to Stand Trial for DUI Hit and Run and Vehicular Manslaughter

In Vista California, gross vehicular manslaughter and DUI hit and run causing death charges were made against the man who allegedly killed a female passenger riding in his vehicle.

Twenty-seven year old Joshua Goldbaum is looking at 20+ years behind bars if he is convicted for killing Brianne Burlington, the twenty-one year old who was a passenger in his vehicle. The San Diego DUI crash occurred last October when Goldbaum, Burlington, and another male passenger by the name of Nicholas McGill were all in the defendant’s Hyundai Sonata. McGill was able to leave the incident with minor injuries. Judge Richard Mills of the Vista Courthouse declared there was sufficient evidence for the San Diego drunken driver to stand trial in which the arraignment will be held on the first of February.

Last October 8th, Goldbaum was driving his Sonata when he collided with a Ford Aerostar around 2:22 in the morning at Bear Valley Parkway. According to a search warrant from the California Highway Patrol, a woman who witnessed the scene stopped to help him, however, Goldbaum convinced the woman to drive him to the hospital and then back to his home. The police arrested Goldbaum at his residence due to the woman finding his wallet in her vehicle and realizing that he was the driver in the fatal hit and run and then calling police.

McGill told officers that Goldbaum was in fact drinking and taking drugs hours before the crash occurred. Although lawyers said that the defendant had a blood alcohol content of 0.08 at the time of the crash, a fellow officer felt that in his opinion Goldbaum had too much to drink and was under the influence of marijuana and another drug.

Man Accused In Fatal Hit-And-Run To Stand Trial, San Diego 10 News, January 19, 2012

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