Do Not Get Pulled Over for a DWI this New Jersey Holiday Season

As you travel to and from holiday parties in New Jersey this season, it is important to remember that law enforcement officers will be out in full force to combat drunk driving. They know that people are traveling from parties and they are looking to get drunk drivers off the roadway. Many New Jersey officers will see their hours increased so that they can stay on the roadway longer to make more arrests. They will set up more sobriety checkpoints, conduct additional saturation patrols, and generally make more arrests in an attempt to prevent alcohol-related accidents.

Any time there is an increase in law enforcement activity, there is an increase in the number of wrongful arrests. It is important to prevent driving while intoxicated (DWI) accidents, but it is also important that drivers do not face heavy fines, license suspensions, and jail time when they were not actually driving under the influence. To reduce your chances of facing harsh penalties this holiday, remember to never drive after you’ve been drinking, even if you believe you can “handle it.” It is best to use a designated driver or call a cab. If you are at a family member or friend’s house, stay there until you have sobered up.

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