Bergen County Police Blotter: Elmwood Park and Wyckoff Patrolmen Arrest Motorists for Drunken Driving, Drug Possession

Numerous police arrests are made every day across the Garden State against drivers suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol or some other intoxicated substance. While a fair percentage of these DWI and drug DUI arrests are perhaps warranted, many others are based on less than substantial evidence. As a former municipal prosecutor here in New Jersey, and now as a drunken driving defense attorney, I find that a percentage of motorists charged with drunk driving will not be found guilty, or will have the charges against them reduced.

While nothing in this world is guaranteed, one thing is certain: if you drive drunk in Jersey long enough, you will be caught at some point, either by the New Jersey State Police or another, local police agency. Please understand that there are severe penalties for drunk driving, drug DUI (such as being impaired by prescription meds or illicit drugs like marijuana and meth) or even breath test refusal.

Of course, the first step is being stopped by a police officer or state trooper. After this, the actual DWI or DUI arrest process may begin in earnest. Every week the news carries updates on local police arrests, much of which can be instructive regarding the typical circumstances that can surround a drunk driving arrest. The following items from Bergen County, NJ, are fairly typical of the kinds of DWI police stops that happen daily. While every drunken driving arrest is unique, most every one begins with a traffic stop by an officer of the law.

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