Bergen County DWI Defense: New Jersey Drunken Driving Conviction Can Lead to Revoked Driver’s License

If there is one thing that most people need to live and work in our modern age, outside of food and lodging, it might be a valid driver’s license. From the day we receive our learner’s permit — and later a full-fledged license — we begin to value the freedom of movement that driving a car or truck provides. However, for many people, the state can revoke, suspend or otherwise withhold a motorist’s driving privileges for certain convicted offenses.

Whether one lives in Monmouth, Ocean or Sussex County, for those caught up in a drunken driving arrest it is not so far flung of a statement to suggest that a temporary, and sometimes long-term, loss of their New Jersey driver’s license could be in the offing depending on the nature of the charges and the driver’s history of DWI, drug DUI, or other impaired driving offenses.

Considering the freedom and independence that a license imparts to an individual, it’s hardly worth tempting fate with a drunk driving arrest, much less a potential conviction. Still, circumstances can arise leaving a driver in the unenviable position of losing his or her driver’s license based on a local court’s ruling following a guilty verdict or guilty plea regarding charges of driving while intoxicated, or operating a motor vehicle while impaired by prescription medication.

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