Sussex County Man Who Survived Rte 81 Rollover Accident Charged with DWI

What’s worse than being arrested for drunken driving? Some might suggest being convicted for DWI in a court of law. The fact is that if one is cited for driving under the influence of alcohol or doctor-prescribed medication as a result of a traffic accident, perhaps receiving a summons is not all that bad considering the physical consequences. As New Jersey DWI and drug DUI defense lawyers, I and my legal staff see people every day who have been accused of drunk driving. Some of those individuals are also recovering from injuries received as a result of a car collision.

Far from being judgmental, our message here is for people who decide to drive after a drink or two; make a thorough assessment of your condition. There are far worse things that can happen besides being arrested for DWI. Bodily injury and even possible death due to a miscalculation on the road is always a potential for any driver, no matter what their physical condition. Rolling the dice following an evening out with friends is hardly worth one’s life or health.

Here in the Garden State, law enforcement agencies have very little tolerance for those motorists who are suspected of driving while intoxicated. Whether it’s just a couple beers or strong prescription medicine — much less a controlled dangerous substance, such as marijuana of cocaine — the law has remedies for those convicted of impaired driving. While we defend motorists charged with driving under the influence, we certainly do not condone drunk driving if only for the reason stated above; it can get you killed.

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