New Jersey DWI News: Trucker Arrested, Charged with DUI; BAC 8-times Over CDL Legal Limit

If anyone had a question that a single drunken driving conviction could affect an individual’s future is a major way, just ask any former commercial truck driver who has been found guilty of drinking and driving. When we say this, we don’t just mean DWI while on duty, but on personal time as well. As New Jersey drunk driving defense lawyers, we understand how an arrest for driving under the influence can start a chain of potentially life-changing events for almost anyone.

We are reminded every so often of the complications that a DWI or drug DUI arrest and conviction can present to a professional driver. Whether one operates a delivery truck, a limousine, city bus or taxi cab, being caught on duty or off while impaired due to alcohol, doctor-prescribed medication or illicit drugs, like cannabis, cocaine or meth, can put the brakes on a career pretty quick.

For this reason alone — and not even thinking about the harsh monetary penalties and fines — it is highly recommended that anyone holding a commercial driver’s license immediately consul with an experienced DWI defense attorney before stepping foot into a courtroom.

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