Monmouth County DWI News: New Jersey Nets’ Pre-game Host, Bob Lorenz, Charged with DWI

While it’s not unusual for entertainment personalities to find themselves arrested for DWI, drunk and disorderly, driving under the influence (DUI) of prescription drugs or illicit substances such as marijuana, it is nonetheless a serious offense that gets most people’s attention. One thing that a DWI arrest can do is get the attention of an individual’s employer, with negative ramifications.

Here in the Monmouth County, my staff of experienced New Jersey drunken driving defense attorneys understands the potentially embarrassing and career-altering effects of a drunken driving arrest. Jobs have been lost over less these days; and a DWI or DUI conviction is sure to put some pressure on an employer to reconsider one’s standing with an organization. The term “liability” comes to mind, especially in the case of some more famous, yet potentially expendable personalities.

While there is nothing good about a drunken driving conviction, there are significant monetary penalties associated with one. Higher insurance rates, even for first-time offenders can place a financial burden on some motorists, while jail time is another issue that few people are happy to talk about.

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