Lubbock DWI Lawyer on Gorilla Law

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of appearing on the Gorilla Law show in Lubbock.  The show features Lubbock attorney Davis Smith and host Wendy Baldwin.  The show discusses various areas of law from Family to Personal injury.  Davis and Wendy invited me to answer questions on the areas of drinking and driving in Lubbock Texas and the south plains.  I was honored that they invited me and humbled when they told the audience to not drink and drive but if they did to call me.   

These days with "no refusal" weekends,  more mandatory blood tests, and the new "extreme" DWI charge it is important to know your rights.  I believe in responsible social drinking and that is why I enjoy talking with folks like Gorilla Law to explain what rights we have and how to best exercise those rights.  

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