Location of Memorial Day Checkpoint in Georgia

atlants highway on clark towne DUI attorneysGoing to Florida this holiday weekend?

It’s not news that there will be extra law enforcement out this Memorial Day weekend—what is news is where they will be. Cops in Florida and Georgia are coming together to implement a huge sobriety checkpoint. According to http://www.wtxl.com, six agencies will be helping run a checkpoint at the Georgia-Florida line in Gadsden County on Friday May 25.

Of course, they will be looking for drivers who’ve been drinking too much. And you know by now, don’t drink and drive. But they’ll be happy to write tickets for any number of things: seat belt violations, broken tail lights, illegal window tints, outstanding warrants. You get the picture. Go fix your car up, and don’t drive unless you have a valid license and insurance.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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