Jacksonville Juvenile Gunned Down After Attempted West-side Robbery

Jacksonville’s juveniles can have some extreme thoughts about obtaining what they want. Even though the actions juveniles choose are most of the time non-violent, sometimes the results of those non-violent actions can be deadly to the juvenile. When this happens, one should contact an experienced Jacksonville juvenile crimes attorney to mount the best defense possible for their deceased love one.

According to the Florida Times-Union, Jacksonville police gunned down a 17 year-old who held up a West-side convenience store with a fake gun. The 17 year-old, Craig Ruise, was shot by two officers after the teen was said to have been holding the store up at gun point at around 3am. photo_4.jpg

Jacksonville juvenile cases can be quite difficult to deal with, and as this case in particular shows, juvenile cases can be quite heart-breaking. Ruise was carrying a plastic Colt 1911 handgun, which police mistook for a real gun, as it was painted black. The police shouted for Ruise to drop the weapon, which when Ruise failed to do so, the police officers shot him.

Jacksonville police actions have been scrutinized for many years, and for good reason. Many people from Jacksonville have had run-ins with the police that could have ended very differently, had the actions of that officer or set of officers been more thought out.

Many law enforcement officials, when considering facts similar to Ruise’s unfortunate case, will say, like Jacksonville police’s Chief Hackney said, that the police responded in the proper manner. However, police do not often consider without a superior suggesting it, that alternative methods of subduing suspects could and should be used.

Jacksonville police have at their disposal the ability to tase, bean-bag, or at least partially wound a suspect without fatally wounding them. However, most police officers, when put under the pressure, will react at the first remedial measure available: a gun.

The actions of some police officers tend to be just assumed right and the actions of the accused or deceased assumed completely wrong. However, in many situations, the police officer’s actions should be more scrutinized, specifically those cases with fatal consequences.

Many gun cases are similar to Ruise’s, even those that are not fatal. Most tend to be cases where the accused was not given time to put down the weapon, the police thought that the accused was acting in a way that seemed threatening, or the police felt that the problem of the accused needed to be dealt with more aggressively. Whatever the case, the accused in these cases tends to suffer at the hands of the police rather than the hands of the judicial system.

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