Bryan|College Station Driver’s License Suspensions

ALR court in Bryan|College Station is often a waiting game. ALR is short for Administrative License Revocation and clients get embroiled in this legal process when they are arrested for driving while intoxicated, or driving under the influence of alcohol as a minor. 

ALR court is where we fight to protect a client’s driver’s license from being suspended. We provide this important service as part of our DWI/DUI defense work in Bryan|College Station and surrounding areas. Please note that strict time limits apply to the ALR process. From the time a person is given notice of the State’s intent to suspend their license, they have 15 calendar days to request a hearing. If the hearing is not requested timely, the person’s  license will be suspended automatically on the 40th day after receiving notice. 

Call our Brazos County Criminal Defense Firm immediately if you’ve gotten in trouble for DWI or DUI. We have years of experience helping good people just like you. 

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