Bergen County College Students Receive Lecture on Distracted Driving, DUI from Local Police

Apparently law enforcement authorities and safety advocates here in the Garden State feel that residents, namely young adult motorists, just don’t get it. In this case, the “It” being addressed is driving under the influence of beer, wine, hard liquor, prescription medication and even illicit or illegal substances.

As New Jersey DWI defense attorneys, we have a good feel for the sheer volume of drunken driving arrests that occur annually in Jersey; we know this because of the number of cases that pass through our courts each and every month. While most people should know that driving while intoxicated by liquor or drugs (drug DUI) is against the law, law enforcement and other anti-drunken-driving groups keep hammering the point home: DWI and DUI are strictly against the law.

Not surprising, when a driver is observed by police operating his vehicle in violation of current traffic laws, he will likely be pulled over. If it comes to light during that traffic stop that the driver has been drinking, the gloves really come off and that motorist could be hit with a summons for DWI (or drug DUI, in the case of doctor-prescribed meds). Still, with all the public service messages and increased police patrols during holidays, apparently many individuals haven’t caught on.

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