Being Accused of DWI May Require the Services of an Experienced Drunk Driving Defense Lawyer

No matter where one lives or works in the Garden State, it would be fair to say that nobody is quite prepared for a DWI arrest, whenever it comes. Just because New Jersey law enforcement officers are always watching for traffic violators, doesn’t necessarily mean that every driver in New Jersey has a legal preparedness folder in his or her glove compartment.

The aforementioned thoughts may seem a bit tongue-in-check, but the sentiment is valid. As DWI defense lawyers serving New Jersey motorists, I and my legal staff are all to aware of the alarming frequency of drunk driving and drug DUI arrests that take place every week all across the state. While one may not have a legal action plan fully in place, it’s wise to know, at least, that you should seek the legal guidance of a qualified DWI-DUI attorney in the event of a traffic stop that precipitates charges of driving while intoxicated.

Whether one’s case involves being impaired through the consumption of wine, beer or hard liquor; or if the taking of doctor-prescribed prescription medication resulted in a motorist being charged with impairment due to narcotic substances, it’s a good idea to speak with an experienced legal defense attorney to better understand one’s options prior to stepping foot inside a courtroom.

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