Atlanta DUI attorney-client privilege in public?

coffee cup on Atlanta DUI AttorneyIs your attorney’s primary office at the local coffee shop?

I kid you not, I was with my teen last Saturday morning, enjoying a Waffle House breakfast.  When I first arrived, I waved to a local attorney-friend of mine, thinking he was there enjoying breakfast as well.

A few minutes later, in came a client to see him.  They sat in Waffle House discussing the details of the client’s DUI arrest, which included some embarrassing (to me, anyway) information.

I’m not the least expensive attorney in town, and I know there are some  new attorneys out there who are struggling to find clients and juggle the expenses of office overhead and student loans, but I thinking a meeting to discuss one’s arrest out to happen in a more private locale, don’t you?

There is no attorney-client privilege in a public place; what if I had been the prosecutor in that client’s case?

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